What's Tripster

Hi everyone, Tripster has launched its first public airdrop with $TRIP.

In this content, I expand about What’s Tripster, Tripster’s Business Model, and Partners.

What’s Tripster?

Tripster is web3 travel project with the first travel-to-earn blockchain platform, it has cashback related to the tourism industry and is supported by a real-world business.

User has income from holding NFT that is based on blockchain technology on real business example readme.me is a travel blogger website to shares great food & travel experience stories and visitors 1,000,000 people per month.

Tripster’s Business Model

There is already a strong web2-side business model and strengthen it with the web3 side.

For web2 site with readme.me

  • Hotel sell accommodation via e-commerce platform example Agoda, bookling.com, Klook, or marketplace platform at readme.me website.

  • The hotel has remaining rooms and wants to promote them by blogger content with Blogger Matching in readme.me.

  • Blogger writes content to readme.me.

  • Travelers read blogs from readme.me and make an appointment.

  • Systems get commissions from e-commerce and blogger get profit from them.

For web3 site by Tripster to strengthen an ecosystem

  • Partner hotel gives offer product to Tripster in exchange for a marketing campaign.

  • Tripster creates PR content for holders.

  • Holders share the content via social networks.

  • Tripster sells hotel vouchers via a marketplace.

  • Holders get rewards from the campaign by performance.

  • Hotels get awareness content and close the sale.

For more information about this, you can read this Medium article


They have web2 popular platforms such as Agoda, booking.com, Amazon, Klook, Shopee, Lazada, KKday.

and web3 partner with Chainlink (using Chainlink VRF for random lucky winners for Lucky Box campaign), HABIT (trading platform), and lasted partner Google AI.

For more information about Tripster, you can read more on Medium and Official Website for this

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